This week on The 1 Girl Revolution Podcast, we welcome Marci Zaroff, the founder of ECOfashion Corp, founder of MetaWear, co-founder of The Institute for Integrative Nutrition, producer of the documentary THREAD: Driving Fashion Forward, author of “ECOrenaissance: Co-Creating A Stylish, Sexy and Sustainable World”, and the woman who coined the term “ECOfashion” – and so much more! Marci is a woman of so many talents, who is transforming the world through health, beauty, fashion, and more.

In 1995, Marci breathed life into the term “ECOfashion,” masterfully weaving together the strands of ecology and fashion ~ styling the world of change, while changing the world of style. Marci has so many accolades, but among them she is the Founder/CEO of MetaWear, Founder/CEO of ECOfashion Corp, Co-Founder of BeyondBrands Conscious Consulting Agency, Co-Founder and CMO of Good Catch Foods, Co-Founder of The Institute for Integrative Nutrition, Founder and former CEO/President of Under the Canopy, Co-Creator of I AM Enlightened Creations, Producer of “THREAD | Driving Fashion Forward,” documentary, and the author of “ECOrenaissance: Co-Creating A Stylish, Sexy and Sustainable World”.

This episode of The 1 Girl Revolution Podcast is jam-packed full of Marci’s wisdom, stories from her life and career, her life’s work, and ECO-inspiration! You will be blown away by Marci’s inspiring story and how she is transforming the world every single day. She’s accomplished so much in her life and there is so much more yet to come – and we are so honored to share her story with you. 

In this episode, you’ll hear: 

Marci’s inspiring story;

About the book that changed her life as a teenager and put her on her trajectory to change the world; 

How she became interested in health and nutrition and how The Institute for Integrative Nutrition came to be;

The story of how Marci got involved in fashion and how her many fashion and beauty enterprises came to be;

So much wisdom and insight about the products we buy and use, and what we can all do to make an ECO impact on the world through our fashion, beauty, and home products;

And so much more. 

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