This week’s episode of The 1 Girl Revolution Podcast features Jenny Feterovich, successful entrepreneur, Award-winning film and TV producer, globetrotting DJ, co-creator of Girls Gone Vinyl, humanitarian, and more! Jenny is a woman of many talents and she talks about all of the different aspects of her life and career in this episode of The 1 Girl Revolution Podcast. 

Jenny arrived in the US with a suitcase and $100 to her name. Her family fled their native Russia and landed in Detroit in 1989, and shortly after that – she started her first business. She has stories of success and failure, and amidst all of it – she learned so much and has so many stories and so much wisdom to share. 

Jenny is an award-winning TV and film producer, known for the hit TV show START UP and the award-winning feature length documentary, The Russian Five. She is the Executive Producer of Muse Production House and co-founder of Parliament Studios. She’s a lifelong entrepreneur and small business advocate, focusing on empowering women and immigrants in business. Jenny also made a name in the music world as the globetrotting DJ Jenny LaFemme and co-creator of Girls Gone Vinyl, an organization that highlights and advances women in electronic music. Jenny is also very active in nonprofit organizations like Real Help for Ukraine and Love Without Borders. And so much more!

In this episode, you’ll hear: 

Jenny’s inspiring life story;

How she went from being an immigrant to the U.S. with $100 to a successful entrepreneur who is living out the American dream;

About her work as a film and TV producer;

Stories from the work she does in film and TV, as well as stories from her work with nonprofits like Real Help for Ukraine and Love Without Borders;

And so much more. 

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