On the new episode of The 1 Girl Revolution Podcast, we welcome Kristina Rinaldi, one of the founders and the Executive Director of Detroit Dog Rescue – Detroit’s first no-kill, nonprofit dog shelter and rescue. 

In this episode, Kristina talks about how Detroit Dog Rescue was started originally as a reality show, but that fizzled and the need was so critical and dire – that they just kept going and turned the rescue into Detroit’s first no-kill shelter and dog rescue. Kristina shares her powerful life story, her struggles growing up, and what made her the incredible woman she is today. She talks about the phenomenal work that Detroit Dog Rescue is doing in the city of Detroit, but also how they are affecting change in animal rescue in Michigan and elsewhere. She also talks about “PIGS” – the pig in the city they recently rescued (DDR rescued a second one since we record this episode!) – and the Milligan dogs, Eddie and Maggie, make a special appearance in this episode when the mailman shows up. It’s an incredible, inspiring, fun, and WILD episode of The 1 Girl Revolution Podcast! You don’t want to miss this one!

In this episode, you’ll hear: 

Kristina’s incredible life story;

How she got connected to the other founders of Detroit Dog Rescue and how DDR started; 

About the incredible mission of DDR, not only to rescue animals throughout the city, but also to educate and advocate for animals – and people;;

Stories from the streets of the dogs (and pigs!) that DDR has worked with through the years;

You’ll also hear the stories about the people they’ve encountered and worked with through the years;

EXCLUSIVE: An exclusive on what Detroit Dog Rescue is working on and has coming soon!

And so much more. 

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For more information on Kristina and Detroit Dog Rescue, please visit the Detroit Dog Rescue website.