This week on The 1 Girl Revolution Podcast, we welcome Jilyne Jarvis, co-founder of Z Girls – a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to empowering girls by equipping them with the tools and perspective they need to be confident, centered, and courageous! And the girls that Z Girls serves learn proven psychology-based methods from female professional athletes and Olympians! 

In this episode, Jilyne shares her journey from athlete to changemaker. Jilyne shares her own story of struggling with confidence and being a professional athlete, and how her own life and experiences led to the founding of Z Girls. Don’t miss this inspiring conversation filled with insights, inspiration, and actionable steps for making a difference in the lives of girls everywhere. 

In this episode, you’ll hear: 

Jilyne’s inspiring life story, her journey as an athlete, and her own experiences, struggles, and successes; 

What inspired the founding of Z Girls and why their work is so important; 

The mission and programs offered by Z Girls to empower girls through psychology-based methods from female professional athletes and Olympians;

Stories of the life-changing power of Z Girls programming; 

Jilyne’s insights on the struggles that girls in the world are facing today and how we can all work to combat it and support and empower the girls in our lives;

Inspirational messages for girls everywhere: You do not have to be fearless, you just have to be brave!

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For more information on Jilyne and Z Girls, please visit the Z Girls website.