On this week’s episode of The 1 Girl Revolution Podcast, we welcome Becca Stevens, founder of Thistle Farms – a social enterprise that helps women survivors overcome and heal from systems of exploitation, prostitution, addiction, and abuse. 

Thistle Farms is a social enterprise that for over 25 years – has lit a pathway of healing and hope for women survivors of trafficking, prostitution, and addiction. Becca’s hope for a global movement for women’s freedom began with Thistle Farms’ first residential home and now has grown and evolved into a multifaceted social enterprise that is empowering women and helping them find healing and freedom. 

After experiencing the death of her father and subsequent child abuse when she was 5, Becca longed to open a sanctuary for survivors offering a loving community. 

In 1997, five women who had experienced trafficking, violence, and addiction were welcomed home. Thistle Farms’ first house was just the beginning and now they do so much more – including providing housing, financial independence, and by creating meaningful employment for women survivors. 

Becca is a nonprofit leader, entrepreneur, an Episcopal priest, and she has founded 13 nonprofits and justice enterprises, mentored another 60, and has raised over $75 million to support them. Becca has authored 12 books, including – Snake Oil: The Art of Healing and Truth-Telling. She has been featured on PBS NewsHour, The Today Show, CNN, ABC World News, named a CNN Hero, and White House Champion of Change, and holds five honorary doctorates. Drawn from 25 years of leadership in mission-driven work, Becca leads important conversations across the country with an inspiring message that love is the strongest force for change in the world. 

We are so honored to have Becca on the podcast to share her incredible story and to talk about the amazing work that Thistle Farms is doing to transform the lives of women. 

In this episode, you’ll hear: 

Becca’s inspiring life story;

The story of losing her dad at a young age and surviving childhood abuse;

How she found healing and all about her incredible life journey – becoming an Episcopal priest and how she got into the work she’s doing now helping other survivors;

How Thistle Farms started and how Thistle Farms is offering freedom and support to survivors of human trafficking, prostitution, and addiction; 

And so much more.

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