This week on The 1 Girl Revolution Podcast we welcome Maggie Hartman, founder of Maggie’s Flowers – a flower business that raises money for Christmas gifts for children in need. 

When Maggie was 5 years old, in the spring of 2012, she wanted to go hang gliding while on a family vacation in North Carolina. Her parents, not wanting to say no but also not having the money to give her to go, encouraged Maggie to be creative and find a way to raise the $100 to go hang gliding. That’s when Maggie’s Flowers was born. Maggie sold flowers that Spring/Summer to raise the money to go hang gliding and she loved it so much – she decided to do it again the following summer. But instead of spending the money on another adventure for herself – she decided to start using the funds to buy Christmas gifts in need. Maggie’s Flowers has continued ever since – every Summer Maggie sells flowers and buys Christmas gifts for children/families in need during the holidays. 

Maggie has given away tens of thousands of toys and she’s still going strong. Maggie is in college now, but continues to run Maggie’s Flowers – selling flowers in the Spring/Summer, curating flowers for weddings and events, and more. She also has opportunities to give flowers away to those who may need a little extra love. For instance, she has a place on her website where people can purchase a bouquet from Maggie’s Flowers and have it delivered to an area nursing home. 

In this episode, you’ll hear: 

Maggie’s inspiring life story;

The story of how Maggie started Maggie’s Flowers when she was 5 years old;

How Maggie’s Flowers became the incredible social enterprise that it is today, buying Christmas presents for children/families in need;

Stories of children and families who have been blessed by the work of Maggie’s Flowers;

How Maggie continues this great initiative from her college dorm room;

And so much more.

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For more information on Maggie and Maggie’s Flowers, please visit the Maggie’s Flowers website
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