On this week’s episode of The 1 Girl Revolution Podcast, we welcome Lisa Simpson, founder of Crossroads for Women – a nonprofit organization that provides comprehensive, integrated services to empower women emerging from incarceration to achieve safe, healthy, and fulfilling lives in the community, for themselves and their children.

Crossroads for Women was founded in 1997, after Lisa began to recognize that women emerging from incarceration (jail or prison) needed a place to live and comprehensive, integrated services in order to stop recidivism (women ending up back in jail and prison) and for them to find safe, healthy, and fulfilling lives again. 

Crossroads for Women provides housing and trauma-informed therapeutic services with a gender-responsive approach for women across seven domains: legal, independent living, medical, substance abuse, mental health, vocational, and family. Their specialized model is based on acknowledging the primary importance of relationships in the lives of women, and addressing the challenges of their pasts, presents, and futures.

In this episode, you’ll hear: 

Lisa’s inspiring life story;

How she decided to become an attorney and how she got involved in the case that would change her life;

The story of how Lisa recognized the need for Crossroads for Women and how the organization started;

About the incredible work that Crossroads for Women is doing to support and empower women and their children;

The inspiring stories of women who have been served through the work of Crossroads for Women;

And so much more.

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For more information on Lisa and Crossroads for Women, please visit the Crossroads for Women website

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