On this week’s episode of The 1 Girl Revolution Podcast, we welcome Angel Flewellyn, founder of Sunday Best Crew – a nonprofit organization that distributes home-cooked meals to those experiencing homelessness in the city of Detroit. 

As you’ll hear in this episode, Angel is a woman of many talents, who has lived through many different chapters of life – but one thing is constant, she has always been dedicated to helping those in need. Angel was a mother to children in foster care for many years and she cared for her ailing mother for over 20 years. Last year, Angel embarked on a new journey of love, through food – with her daughter and her sisters – and Sunday Best Crew was born.

Angel started making meals on Sunday’s for those in need and distributing them at a local transit center because she believes that everyone deserves a good home-cooked meal “especially on Sunday”, but Sunday Best Crew has quickly evolved and has become a six days a week, hundreds of meals per day endeavor – because the need is so great. Angel shares in this episode that she is “not a cook” and rarely even cooks for herself or her own family, but she cooks hundreds of meals daily in her own kitchen for those experiencing homelessness and others in need. 

You do not want to miss this inspiring episode! We laugh, we cry, and we love throughout this whole episode! You will love it!

In this episode you’ll hear:

Angel’s inspiring life story;

About her life, her experience as a mother to children in foster care and caring for her own ailing mother for 20 years;

How she decided to start cooking for those in need and how Sunday Best Crew began;

About the mission of Sunday Best Crew and how they’ve evolved to feeding hundreds of people six days a week; 

Stories about who Sunday Best Crew is serving; 

And so much more.

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For more information on Sunday Best Crew, to donate, or to get involved, please visit the Sunday Best Crew website.

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