This week’s episode of The 1 Girl Revolution Podcast features the two amazing founders of Extra Lucky Moms, Jess Quarello and Taryn Lagonigro. Extra Lucky Mom’s is an organization that celebrates children with Down syndrome, autism, Jordan’s Syndrome, trisomies, heart conditions, and many more through their blog, social media platforms, in-person events and brand and nonprofit partnerships. 

Jess and Taryn, who both welcomed children with Down syndrome in 2020, found immediate support and connection from the Down syndrome community after welcoming their daughters, but kept encountering mothers of children with other disabilities who were missing that same level of community. Jess and Taryn connected through an online mom’s platform and quickly became friends and shortly after that, they decided to tap into their backgrounds in non-profit, marketing, and business, and they founded Extra Lucky Moms in May 2021. 

Extra Lucky Moms is a community of love and support for mothers with children with Down syndrome and other differences and disabilities. And the mission of Extra Lucky Moms goes far  beyond providing community and support. Jess and Taryn and the Extra Lucky Moms community aim to challenge societal stereotypes and promote inclusivity by highlighting the abilities and achievements of individuals with Down syndrome and other differences and disabilities. 

Jess and Taryn join The 1 Girl Revolution Podcast to share their inspiring stories and to talk about the incredible work of Extra Lucky Moms. 

In this episode, you’ll hear:

Jess and Taryn’s individual life stories;

How they each found out that their daughter(s) had Down syndrome;

Their individual reactions to the Down Syndrome diagnoses and how they and their friends and family responded;

All about the little beacons of light, Rhea and Adeline;

The story of how Jess and Taryn became friends and how they decided to start Extra Lucky Moms;

About the Extra Lucky Moms community and the incredible work they’re doing;

And so much more

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For more information on Extra Lucky Moms, please visit the ELM website.

For more information on Jess and/or Taryn, you can find more information and their personal websites here

Buy “Dear Mama: Stories of an Extra Lucky Life “ here