Nancy Becher, founder of Invisible Warriors – an organization dedicated to supporting those living with chronic illness, autoimmune issues, and invisible disabilities, joins The 1 Girl Revolution Podcast this week.

Nancy’s own journey with invisible illness began in 2014, when her life took a drastic turn after she was hit by a car. While picking up her parents from a senior center potluck, she was struck by another attendee’s car, which caused her to be thrown into a drainage ditch, resulting in twisted tendons, ligaments, and broken bones.

The path to diagnosis was a long and arduous one for Nancy, involving visits to multiple doctors and enduring months of physical pain. Eventually, she was diagnosed with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS), a debilitating condition that causes severe nerve damage. Nancy underwent numerous surgeries, received two spinal stimulators, and encountered countless medical professionals in her quest for relief from the relentless pain.

Drawing on her background with a Master’s in Counseling and a Ph.D. in sociology, Nancy decided to utilize her knowledge and personal experiences to create Invisible Warriors, a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting people living with chronic illness, autoimmune issues, and invisible disabilities. The mission of Invisible Warriors is not only to provide assistance and resources to these individuals but also to initiate dialogue with medical professionals and advocate for changes in the insurance, pharmaceutical, and travel industries.

Through Invisible Warriors, Nancy aims to create a community where those living with hidden chronic and autoimmune disorders can find solace, support, and a sense of belonging. By sharing her own journey and advocating for systemic changes, Nancy is determined to make a positive impact on the lives of others who are going through similar mental and physical anguish. Nancy is an advocate, who is working towards greater awareness, understanding, and resources for individuals with invisible illnesses.

Nancy Becher’s resilience and determination to create a supportive community for individuals with chronic illness, autoimmune issues, and invisible disabilities are truly commendable. Through her personal experiences, academic background, and unwavering passion, she has taken on the mission of empowering others and working towards a more inclusive and compassionate society.

In this episode, you’ll hear:

Nancy’s inspiring life story;

The story of the accident that led to her health issues and Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS);

How she decided to start Invisible Warriors and why their work is so important;

About the people that Nancy and Invisible Warriors are helping;

How you can get involved in their work if you’re living with an invisible disability or illness; 

About the Silent No More Benefit Concert and how you can attend and support this event;

And so much more.

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For more information on Nancy and Invisible Warriors, please visit the Invisible Warriors website
For more information on the Silent No More Benefit Concert, to donate, or to attend, please visit the Silent No More Benefit Concert page.