Leeann Moore and Sherry Gibbons are the two incredible co-founders of Sister Corps and they join The 1 Girl Revolution Podcast this week to share their inspiring stories and to talk about the world-changing, life-giving work of Sister Corps.

Sister Corps is a nonprofit organization dedicated to mobilizing volunteers to provide recovery efforts in areas affected by natural disasters, for environmental relief, or for other community and individual needs in our world. As you’ll hear in this episode, the majority of women involved in Sister Corps are retired – but these women aren’t held back by age (or anything else) and you’ll often find them carpooling in pickup trucks with their power tools in tow, ready and willing to help anyone in need in these areas affected by natural disasters. 

In this episode, you’ll hear:

A little about Leeann and Sherry’s individual life stories;;

How they met through Sisters on the Fly;

About how they connected and wanted to make a difference in the world;

How Sister Corps came to be and all about the inspiring work they’re doing;

Stories from “the field” and how they’re helping others through Sister Corps;

And so much more!

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For more information on Sister Corps, please visit their Facebook group and follow them! And please support their work.