Hope Scarves is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting people with cancer through scarves, stories, community, and research. Hope Scarves was founded by Lara McGregor, who unfortunately passed away in January 2022 – but her legacy lives on through her family, friends, and the work of Hope Scarves. 

Anna Laura Edwards, Executive Director of Hope Scarves, joins The 1 Girl Revolution Podcast to share her own life story, Lara’s story, how Hope Scarves came to be, and to talk about the incredible work that they do to build community and support cancer patients. 

Hope Scarves

Hope Scarves collects scarves and stories of cancer survivors from around the world, pairs them together and sends them as a gift to someone going through cancer treatment. These are tangible reminders to every person going through cancer treatment that there is hope and that there are so many others around the world who have fought and beat cancer. In addition to scarves and stories, Hope Scarves established a Metastatic Breast Cancer Research Fund to support cutting edge researchers and clinical trials around the country. Research is the key for change and improved treatment options and outcomes.

Listen to Anna Laura’s inspiring episode of The 1 Girl Revolution Podcast!

In this episode, you’ll hear:

Anna Laura’s story, as well as Lara MacGregor’s story;The story of how one kind gesture changed Lara’s life and her cancer journey;How Hope Scarves was started and how their work has impacted people around the world;The stories of people who have been helped by Hope Scarves;And so much more. 

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RIP Lara MacGregor – your legacy lives on!

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