Erica Owens is an entrepreneur, a blogger, a mom, and a philanthropist in the city of Detroit, Michigan. Erica started Frugal OnThe Fly as an event blog that would highlight and give access to free (or affordable) events and experiences throughout the city. Erica started the blog because she and her family had enjoyed so many free and affordable experiences throughout the city and she thought why not share what she knew with others, so they could enjoy these same experiences. 

And as the popular saying goes, “Money doesn’t buy happiness.” 

Erica enjoyed so many free and affordable experiences throughout the city with her family and now she’s sharing resources and opportunities – so every person and family can enjoy all that the great city of Detroit has to offer. 

But Erica’s story gets even better. As Frugal on the Fly has grown, Erica has used this platform to empower others to be the change that they want to see and to encourage parents, children, families and individuals to volunteer in the community. Erica believes that not only are we raising tiny humans, but we are raising members of a community – and even children can have a massive impact on the community and the world. 

During the pandemic, Erica hosted free produce events to help families with food security by providing 30 pounds of fresh, nutritious food to each person. During the first events, there were about 50 families weekly, but their events quickly grew and they were able to help around 2,000 families every week for 23 weeks. Erica participated in the grassroots campaign Warm The Line, where makers across America create handmade hats, scarves, cowls, mittens, and masks to keep voters warm at the polls – and she and her son Padraig distributed over 860 items. Erica/Frugal on the Fly have hosted numerous back to school events that has provided backpacks and school supplies to hundreds of children; they have hosted popup little free libraries to encourage reading; they have rescued food for Food Rescue Detroit and helped organizations and individuals with food security; and they’ve collected and distributed nonperishables and toiletries to veteran organizations. In the winter they distribute free coats, blankets, socks, hats and gloves to those in need. 

Erica has accomplished so much through Frugal on the Fly and their network and their incredible work just continues to grow and flourish. 

Listen to Erica’s inspiring story on the new episode of The 1 Girl Revolution Podcast!


In this episode, you’ll hear:

Erica’s story about her life, her family and what drives her;The story how why Erica started Frugal on the Fly and how the platform has grown and evolved through the years;All about the incredible work that Frugal on the Fly has done to help others and be the change they want to see in the world; How Frugal on the Fly is using it’s platform to do good and also to create opportunities for others to volunteer and make a difference in the world;About Erica’s mission to inspire others to be the change that they want to see and to empower families, individuals and children to be active community members and help those in need;And so much more. 

Frugal on the Fly’s Back to School event

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