Celebrate Women’s History Month by supporting female-owned companies that “give back” and make a difference in the world through their products. Start a revolution with your purchases and support world-changing women during Women’s History Month.

Below you will find a list of female-owned companies that “give back” and are making a difference through their products/companies:

Rebel Nell is a jewelry company that employs and empowers women experiencing homelessness.

Rebel Nell: Based in Detroit, Rebel Nell employs homeless women, teaches them jewelry-making, and helps them transition out of homelessness through their program. Each piece of jewelry created is one-of-a-kind created from graffiti flakes that have fallen off the walls around Detroit and other repurposed products. Rebel Nell collaborates with sports teams across the country, artists, and other companies for their special collections. All proceeds from the products sold goes to support the women working at Rebel Nell. Listen to 1 Girl Revolution’s interview with the co-founder of Rebel Nell, Amy Peterson.

The Sanctuary Project: The Sanctuary Project is a social enterprise that provides meaningful employment and job training to women who have survived lives of trafficking, violence, and addiction. Their jewelry is designed and packaged by the women they employ, and 100% of our sales go directly to providing more job opportunity and job training to survivors. Listen to 1 Girl Revolution’s interview with the founder of The Sanctuary Project Holly Christine Hayes.

The Giving Keys: The goal of The Giving Keys is to inspire people to help others and pay it forward. They do this through their business model, which hires people transitioning out of homelessness. Each piece of jewelry is created using a key that has a word represent a core value imprinted on it. The Giving Keys encourages everyone to embrace the word that they were given or chose on their key and then pay it forward by giving it to someone who needs that message. The Giving Keys more than anything is focused on creating a community – you can share your story on their website. Listen to 1 Girl Revolution’s interview with Caitlin Crosby, founder of The Giving Keys.

ABLE is a lifestyle brand based in Nashville.

ABLE: Able is company based in Nashville, TN. ABLE is a lifestyle brand that hopes to end generational poverty by providing economic opportunities for women. Here you’ll find another of beautiful leather goods including bags, wallets and more. They also carry shoes and other apparel. The options are truly endless.  

Filanthropik: This company makes the most beautiful sandals and bags. Based in Guatemala, when you buy from Filanthropik you are purchasing a product that was locally sourced and handmade by artisans in Guatemala. Filanthropik pays all of their artisans fair trade wages, and portions of the proceeds go to support ending poverty in Guatemala.

Mend on the Move is a non-profit focused on empowering and employing survivors of abuse.

Mend on the Move: Based in Detroit, Mend on the Move is a non-profit focused on empowering and employing survivors of abuse. The materials used to create the jewelry is all locally sourced and typically consists of leftover materials, so that nothing is thrown away. Parts often include donated leather scraps and small auto parts – a nod to Mend’s efforts to “Mend the Motor City” by empowering women victims of abuse.

Buy Her Bag, Not Her Body: A project of the Nomi Network, here you will find a selection of bags and purses created by the women of the Nomi Network. The Nomi Network works to end human trafficking and create economic opportunities for survivors and women in need.

The Lipstick Journey: The Lipstick Journey is a paraben-free, sulfate-free, and cruelty-free lipstick brand, founded by cancer fighter Anna Warner-Mayes. Anna found lipstick to be a powerful tool during her own cancer journey and that by simply putting on lipstick – her mood and perspective could change in an instant. Now she’s using her company to help others do the same – for every lipstick purchased, one is donated. Listen to Anna’s inspiring story on episode #28 of The 1 Girl Revolution Podcast.

EveryBody By Dutton Farm: EveryBody by Dutton Farm is a social enterprise that creates natural and high-quality body products while removing barriers to employment and community access for people with disabilities. EveryBody by Dutton Farm provides opportunities fo people with disabilities. Listen to 1 Girl Revolution’s interview with the co-founder of Dutton Farm, Jenny Brown.

R. Riveter bags

R. Riveter: At the R. Riveter marketplace, you’ll find baby items, purses, bags, and apparel. Founded by military wives, these women recognize the struggle for military wives to find employment due to moving often – making it difficult to build a professional network, or sometimes living in remote areas on military bases. The co-founders of R. Riveter appeared on Shark Tank  in 2015, and the company began to take off. Thirty three percent of every dollar goes back into the hands of the military spouses making the products. In 2017 alone, R. Riveter supported 103 military families. And in case you were wondering – R. Riveter, Rosie the Riveter – get it?!

The Little Market: Co-founded by Lauren Conrad and Hannah Skvarla, you will find all kinds of cool products at The Little Market. Each product is created by female artisans around the world. TLM works with cooperatives and social enterprises to provide artisans and their communities to improve the quality of life through things like literacy workshops, business training, and health programs.

Hope for Harlow: Hope For Harlow was originally created to help pay for little Harlow’s medical bills, but this company has grown to become a community of hope and support, that now helps other families and individuals with a disability and others in need who need support. Listen to 1 Girl Revolution’s interview with Katie Scott, rad mama and founder of Hope for Harlow.

Lily and Laura: Local female artisans in Nepal hand-make each glass beaded bracelet to roll over any sized hand. Because each bracelet is handmade, no two are ever the same. They have an incredible number of different colors. You pick your color preference, and they will select the bracelet for you. The business focus of Lily and Laura is to pay their artisans above fair trade wages to improve their quality of life.

Project Free 2 Fly: Many women leave rehabilitation programs with no home, no car, no bank account, and no job. Free 2 Fly acts as a bridge between recovery and sustainability – and works with women to make the move from recovery to a sustainable life. Project Free 2 Fly hires women to make the products sold in their stores and online and provides them with the foundations and tools needed for long-term success and sustainability in the workforce and community.

The Shop Forward/ESPWA: The Shop Forward’s motto is, “Change the world through your purchases”, and they are doing just that. Every hat, hoodie, t-shirt, #4ThingsTote, necklace, stickers, and more – sold, goes to benefit some incredible causes including St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital, Special Operations Warrior Foundation, Agape Children’s Foundation, numerous disaster relief organizations, and more. To date, they have raised over $5.6 million for charity.

The Shop Forward’s motto is, “Change the world through your purchases.”

Support women during Women’s History Month and all throughout the year! And make history everyday through your purchases.

Do you know of other female-owned companies that are helping others and “giving back” through their business models or products? Email us at here. We are always looking for more great companies and causes to highlight – and we’re always looking for more ways to give back!